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Now you are a mighty magician, but there are also several small tasks, beneath you, that need to be done. For this purpose, the Tree of Life provides assistance with so-called quests. Let me give you a short summarized introduction.


Whispering and hardly comprehensible, as a swoosh in your soul, the Tree of Life talks to you:
With a deep voice, it hums:
"First of all, the basic buildings ought to be conjured, appreciated magician:

  • The Mana Tree of Life, thus myself, that collects Mana. The Mana is the only resource, you cannot gained by looting; you have to produce it on your own. That's why it is very important to strengthen the Tree of Life to a high level.

Clue: You may conjure by using the menu bar conjure. The requirements, needed to conjure Buildings and Creatures can be looked up in wisdom.

You can schedule the duration of a conjuration on your own. The longer the conjuration, the lesser the wastage of mana. The duration of one conjugation can be set betwenn 5 minutes and 24 hours.

You should keep in mind from the very beginning, that the own palace is under Newbie Protection. You'll leave it by conjuring a building to level 10 or by acheiving 5.000 points. Indeed, it is possible to attack other magicians before - these ones, however, who are not under Newbie Protection anymore. Sentinels may be attacked before, too.

Tip: It is suggestive to look about a guild early. Being a servant offers you the opportunity to receive protection as well as advice. You find a summary of all actually existing guilds in the screen might, on the menu bar guilds. To be able to become a servant, you have to possess at least 3 runes, to found a guild, even seven ones.

The next building that should be conjured, is the Palace Courtyard which is an important requirement for subsequent buildings. In order to be able to conjure the Palace Courtyard, you'll need the Tree of Life on level 5, the Cave of Crystals as well as the School of Herbs on level 3. With the conjuration of the Palace Courtyard on level 1, you may conjure the Xhodotorian Cocoon, on level 3 the Crystal Tower. The Xhodotarian Cocoon serves the Summon of Creatures. You can find its menu on the menu bar palace, down to Xhodotorian Cocoon. Here, you may choose, which and how many creatures should be summoned.


In order to conjure a hero, you need the Hero Statue, that however requires the level 1 School of Herbs. Usually the conjuration is sold by mana, the first one, however, is for free.

By fights heroes receive experience points that let them become stronger. If you lead a hero, you have to confer creatures upon him first, by choosing the hero and by confirming, how many creatures of which sort are relinquished.

But before you send a hero, there should be conjured unicorn carts in the breeding pit and relinquished on the hero. These unicorn carts carry the loot, resources, to the palace. If you only want to carry resources, you can also conjure a pegasus. The first one is given for free, too, more cost mana. However, you do not need a higher-leveled Hero Statue, in order to conjure more pegasi. So you can conjure nearly endless pegasi-heroes.

It is also possible to unite several heroes, your own and these from other players, under the flag of a war camp and so begin a major offensive against another war camp, as well as mighty players or sentinels.

Hero Mountain Troll.gif Hero Elf.gif Hero Half Giant.gif Hero Dwarf.gif Hero Warrior.gif Hero Centauride.gif Hero Pegasus.gif
Race Mountain Troll Elf Half Giant Dwarf Warrior Centauride Pegasus
Attack 4 0 3 2 1 0 0
Defense 0 4 0 0 2 3 0
Life Force 0 0 1 2 1 1 2

In order to conjure more powerful creatures, for offensive as well as defensive, the rare ressource Gold Resin is required. You can gain it in the Resin Vein.

clue: Ask someone to defend you or use the strategy of saving having once left the Newbie Protection. There will be further tips as the game continues. Another possibility for defence is the Crystal Tower.


In the following, I will show you the basics of creatures, appreciated magician:

First of all the creatures that may be conjured in the very beginning.

The goblin is the creature that is the army's most-used part in the beginning. It is furthermore the second weakest creature, possessing attack 1 as well as defense 1. The goblin costs 450 herb essencesHerb Essences , 250 crystal splintersCrystal Splinters , 120 power stonesPower Stones and 3 manaMana ; another requirement is the xhodotorian cocoon on level 1. Goblin's speed is 4 tpa (Ticks per area, 1 tick = 5 minutes).

The weakest creature in game is the unicorn cart. As already written, it is conjured to carry conquered loot to the palace, to deliver resources to other magicians or to save own resources in case of an attack. Every unicorn cart may carry 1.000 ressources. A unicorn cart costs 500 herb essencesHerb Essences , 400 crystal splintersCrystal Splinters , 150 power stonesPower Stones and 3 manaMana. Its speed is 2 tpa. In order to be able to conjure unicorn carts, you need to possess the breeding pit on level 1.

attention: 4 tpa is slower than 2 tpa: Goblins need 4 ticks = 20 minutes to cover an area, Unicorn Carts however 2 ticks = 10 minutes.

Creatures may only attack, if they are led by a hero. Hero's speed always adapts on the creatures' speed. If he leads several creatures with different speed niveaus, the horde travels with the speed of the slowest creature.


What must not miss are the basics to the buildings. I'll explain to you the most important ones, beginning the game:

Me, the Tree of Life, I'm producing mana. You need it for faster conjuration of all buildings and for all creatures.

The school of herbs produces herb essences. These herbs are used for every conjuration, as well as for every creature. So it is the buildinf that should be conjured first; the herbs are the most important resource, because you would not be able to play this game with herbs missing.

The cave of crystals produces crystal splinters. You need this resource for every conjuration, too, but the amount is lower. So the cave of crystals ought to be conjured second.

The stone root produces power stones. Power stones are not used until you conjure creatures or higher buildings. But why you should not conjure it third?

This is a short introduction, with that you should have no problems to begin the game with. If there were further questions, take a look at the menu bar wisdom or help; you can also ask your own heart, because you may find the answers there, too.

Profile, Pearls & Runes

Button Profile in the Menu Bar

The site profile is accessed by clicking on the homonymous button in the menu bar.

On the left side, you may discern the quantity of your pearls. In the beginning, every player has got two ones.

If you take a look at a profile of another player (by clicking on his name, either in hall or in might), you may suggest an exchange of pearls. He will receive a message then. If he accepts, both players loose one pearl, but receive a rune. In the course of game you may exchange pearls with every magician only once.

The runes are used to level your hero who gained experience by fighting. Another use is the guild: You need three runes to become servant of a guild, and even seven to found an own guild and become master.

You will receive one pearl which had matured in its blooms, each third level, your tree of life has grown in your main palace. This may be exchanged with another player that it becomes a rune.



In order to fight, you need a hero, first of all. A hero may be conjured in the hero statue, which requires the level 1 school of herbs. The way to conjure a hero may be seen in an earlier chapter of this tutorial.

If you choose your hero by clicking on his actual name, unnamed, you'll see the hero menu. In the right upper corner, you may read some information (command, experience, position, loading capacity, speed, current task, aim, time). Beneath, you find the parts "load and unload", "send hero" and "status", and beneath this, you may see the resources, the hero keeps with him, currently nothing.

Beneath the resources, you may discern, which creatures the hero leads, aside, which ones are situated in the palace. In the beginning, you were given some creatures. Enter on the right side, how many of it should follow the hero, it is optimal, if you choose all first. Push the button "transfer" in the hero menu, beneath the creatures. Having loaded, you may discern which creatures are now led by this hero.

In the upper part, at the top of your hero's picture, you see the hero's name, actual unnamed. But which hero wants to be called "unnamed"? Double-click "unnamed", erase it and put the name in you desire. Later, you may rename your hero as often as you want, the method is always the same. From that point, your hero will move with this name through Xhodon's landscape, that might be seen in "moving heroes".

Map - Mad Eye

Having conjured level 1 Stone Root, you are now able to conjure the Mad Eye. Level it up, because it will be your map. If you click on the button "mad eye" in the menu bar (upper right section), you will get to this map. It shows heroes, palaces and sentinels in the eye's range. The palaces are represented in the map as castles, the heroes as a man wearing a robe and bearing a sword, the sentinels as monster's heads. The green number, situated over the castle and the man, symbolizes the quantity of palaces and heroes in this quadrant, the blue number, situated under the monster's heads, however, the sentinels' level. If you choose one quadrant, you will get exacting information, what is in the course of game very practical. If you click on a quadrant, in which is a blue 1 situated, you might perhaps scroll down. The sentinel part is written white, beneath the valley, in which the sentinel guards treasures. Ascertain the sentinel's level 1, and push the button "send hero" directly next to it.

The next step is to choose the hero, who ought to attack this aim. You will be shown a menu "send". The aim's coordinates are already entered, as you just have chosen. Indeed, you have to change the mission move for loot. If you want your hero to return to your palace after the battle, click the drop-down list below "Return to:" and choose your palace. The last step is to click the button "send hero"; your hero begins with his mission, whereas you may have another look at the mission's information.


Your hero has just begun his mission. He will need some minutes, until he has coped with the long way. After the battle, you will receive a battle report, that you may discern if the message-scroll burns red. In your inbox you will see a message with the topic "You attacked at XX:XX:XX". The battle report shows tables with your creatures, the opposing creatures and for each creature type how many there were before the battle and after. Below each hero's table you can see how much that hero has looted. Having chosen "return to:", your hero is returning to your palace, while you are reading the battle report.

Important note: In the beginning, you should only attack level 1 sentinels. If you want to attack level 2 sentinels, you will need more creatures (about 400 goblins). Moreover you should not attack other players, because they will most likely have more creatures.

After the battle

After your hero's return, transfer the loot from your hero to the palace. It is the same as the transfer of the creatures from your palace to your hero.

New Creatures

New creatures are important for further battles against level 1 sentinels without losing. But how you will get them? Conjure palace courtyard on level 1, afterwards the Xhodotorian Cocoon, which is now available. Then you have to conjure the stone root on level 3. Now you may also conjure the breeding pit.

If you click on palace, you will discern in the foreground the orange-rot cocoon, and in the background, next to the tree of life, the violett breeding pit. First choose the cocoon, where is written, that you are able to conjure goblins. The duration, the goblin's price, and the quantity, how many creatures of this sort you may conjure, are also ment. Another information is the amount of conjuring the creature with all your resources (next to max.).

The necessary space is at the moment is not interesting. Produce goblins, whereupon you should use about the half of your resources, thus the half of the number next to max.

Now go back to the palace and choose the breeding pit. The same information like in the cocoon are given, but the depending creature is the Unicorn cart. Use the other half of your resources to conjure unicorn carts. During the conjuration you may let your hero attack another level 1 sentinel, and having returned, add the new creatures to the hero.

Note: To accelerate the conjuration's duration, you have to conjure both xhodotorian cocoon and breeding pit to a higher level.