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Button Guilds in the Menu Bar

Guilds are unions of magicians founded for social reasons or to increase their power. All guild members have the same alignment. There are two guild ranks: master and servant.

The guild page, accessed with the button shown in the image, gives information about the guild, its members and the guild's diplomatic relationship.



Guild masters are the guild's leading magicians. Every master can promote servants to masters and demote masters to servants.

Every time a servants wins a battle against a sentinel, one random master of the guild's gets an ingredient.


Being a guild's servant is also profitable. If a servant loses a battle against a sentinel, each lost creature gets a 60% chance to be revived in the player's Secret Cavern. For masters and guildless magicians, this chance is only 40%.


To join a guild, you must have at least three runes. To found a guild, you need seven runes. Upon joining or founding a guild, these runes are not subtracted from your stash, you only need to have these many.

Guild choice

If you are new to Xhodon, it is advised that you join an existing guild. More experienced guild members will surely be able to help you, answer your questions and give you hints. If you are looking for a guild, it may be best to conjure your Mad Eye until you can see your vicinity and then look for guilds in your neighbourhood. You can also look in the forum section "Guild Search".

Joining a guild

Before you can join a guild, you have to make your application, because guilds can not invite players. If a master accepts your application, you become a servant of that guild. You will receive the guild tag in brackets before your name and you will adopt the guild's alignment.


You may need to change alignment to join a guild, which may cause costs if you have already changed your alignment once before. See Alignment

The Guild Altar

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The altar is a place of sacrifice in honor of Felúndin and is guarded by dragons. Sacrifice Gold Resin and the Felúndin will bless you and your guild every day. The blessing will occur once the altar reaches level 1 and every 20 hours after that. The blessing consists of a certain amount of ingredients for potions and once it has reached level 5 will also include runes!
NOTE: You must log on to receive the blessing. If you do not log on for multiple 20 hour periods, you will only receive one bonus when logging on, not a cumulative affect.

The higher the level of the altar, the greater the amount of ingredients and runes the Felúndin will give your guild, but not every guild member receives the same amount. The higher your position is in the list of blessings (i.e. the more resin sacrificed), the greater the share of the distributed gifts. If a guild member leaves the guild, the Gold Resin that they have sacrificed will be removed from the altar (however the member will not receive this gold back, it is lost for good).

Level Gold
1 100.000
2 500.000
3 1.500.000
4 3.500.000
5 7.000.000
6 12.000.000
7 20.000.000
8 30.000.000
9 45.000.000
10 75.000.000
11 110.000.000
12 170.000.000

Gold Share Max Difference Runes Toad Venom Ivory
Total Sacrifice 20.000.000 12 100 80
Member-1 5.000.0000 25% 25% 0% 3 25 20
Member-2 5.000.0000 25% 25% 0% 3 25 20
Member-3 7.000.0000 35% 25% -10% 3 25 20
Member-4 3.000.0000 15% 15% +10% 1 15 12
Loss 2 10 8