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Button Might in the Menu Bar

The term might identifies a magician's ranking in Xhodon. You can find your might or any other magician's might by pressing the 'might' button in the menu bar. There are several other mightlists, described below in the broader detail.

If you click on the name of a magician you get to his profile. If you click on a guild-code in angled brackets [...] fuy get to a description of this guild.

At the lower border is an input field which allows you to 'Search for' the name of a player or a guild.

Some rankings are scaled in leagues. This leagues will be assigned at every 1st of a month. At the end of a month, the players who stand on the first place of their league, get an award. The Players on the first three places of a league get a league-setitem. The level of the set item that the player receives is determined by the Level the player has achieved with meditation.


Total points


The player's ranking is based on the points of the players. She is in leagues divided, as above. Owner of a magic accounts can switch on the "total" in addition to an overall ranking, and so their ranking among all players in the world to see.


The magician shows the ranking levels of the Magi. It addresses how the player rankings for the leagues . Again, the owner of a magic accounts over to a total ranking.


For the guild ranking points, the sum of all guild members is crucial. In addition to the scores of the guilds whose membership numbers are displayed.


In the palace -ranking one sees all the palaces of the players in a league . Here is sorted according to the points that bring these palaces the players. Crucial here are therefore only evoked the building , not the experience of the hero or the number of beings. Again, the owner of a magic accounts over to a total ranking.

War points

Warriors guild

The warriors guild ranking is based on the sum of the experience of all heroes in a guild . Below are the points themselves, the number of guild members and the average points per guild member.


The hero leaderboard shows all the heroes of the players in a league , sorted according to their experience points . Again, the owner of a magic accounts over to a total ranking.


Bunker guilds

Holds a guild or more artifacts , they get per tick , per artifact points for the bunker guild rankings. The more artifacts you own and the longer you hold, the higher one that is on this list. Below are the time in ticks, the number of guild members and the average time per guild member. The Guild which ends the reevaluation with the title of top Bunker Guild shall win an Award for every Magician in the Guild.

Collectors Guild

For the ranking of the collectors guild against guild over the bunker is the sheer number of artifacts significantly, but not the time. The more artifacts one guild at the present time has, the higher it stands in this ranking. Below are the number of artifacts, the number of guild members and a percentage indicating how much of the magician with artifact in the guild.


Aspiring magician

In this ranking, a player rises through the profits of "bars" on. Thus are awards called, you get at the end of the month, when the first place in his respective league occupied.

Emerging guilds

Analogous to the ranking of the aspiring magician will find all "sticks" a guild together. Below are the sums of the bars in the guilds, the numbers of guild members and the average number of rods per guild member.


Background color of the name

The color indicates whether the magician to the light (golden yellow) or shadow (dark red) is a member.

Bold font

Your own name and your own guild are each written in bold.

Symbols on the name

Highscore Stern.png → climber, the magician or the guild in question is at 3 places at once rose in the rankings within an hour
Highscore Krone.png → Best ranking marks the first place in the league

Font color in the score

The font color indicates the class of the player. Details on this topic can be found in the article class system .

green → This player may attack you. If you beat him, none of its units will be revived.
blue → This player may attack you. If you beat him, a portion of its units is being revived.
red → This player may not attack you.



Each building at the moment of its completion brings a power-point per 200 employed raw points. Mana has no effect on the value of a building.


Every living creature in the revitalization brings a power-point per 200 employed raw points. Dies of this nature in the fight, the mage will lose again this points in the standings.


A magician gets points for the accumulated experience of his hero. Where 1 experience point a ranking point equals.