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Magic Rune.png Runes are a resource used to unlock certain bonuses for your account.


There are three ways to get runes:

  • Purchasing them for real money (see "buy runes" in the article Magic)
  • Exchanging Pearls with other magicians - each exchange gives you and the other magician one rune.
  • Certain Quests reward you with runes


You can use runes to:

  • Distribute status points of heroes after their level up
  • Join a guild - you need to own 3 runes to become a servant, 7 runes to found a guild. The runes will not be lost after joining or founding a guild.
  • Activate bonus features in the category magic
  • Activate items
  • Change your alignment
  • Trade resources or ingredients at the Merchant of Magic
  • Teleport resources or creatures between your palaces
  • Summon buildings instantly at your palaces
  • Conduct Instant Sentinel Attacks
  • Reinforce Potions