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Buildings are extension to your palace. Some of these buildings produce resources or allow you to summon creatures, while others fulfil different military purposes.


Button Conjure in the Menu Bar
Mana bar

The screen Conjure can be reached by clicking the button with the same name in the menu bar.

By adjusting the slider of the mana bar, the duration of the conjuration time of the next building can be determined. The possible time span is between 5 minutes (one tick) and 24 hours. With the time varies the amount of mana needed for the conjuration. The shorter the building time shall be, the more mana has to be paid. The conjuration is then started with a click on the icon of the chosen building.

Side note

If you have not activated your e-mail yet, from building level 7 on you can not conjure buildings more than one level a day and you may not conjure buildings higher than level 10.

Types of buildings

Resource production Military facilities Development buildings Summoning of creatures
Building Tree of Life.png
Tree of Life
A tree that grows out of a Dragon Egg and forgets to stop.
Building Secret Cavern.png
Secret Cavern
Building Hero Statue.png
Hero Statue
You have found an eternal soul and you incarnate it in a being according to your own sweet preferences.
Building Xhodotorian Cocoon.png
Xhodotorian Cocoon
Building School of Herbs.png
School of Herbs
The secret of herbs and their use.
Building Mad Eye.png
Mad Eye
Building Fountain of War.png
Fountain of War
Building Breeding Pit.png
Breeding Pit
Building Cave of Crystals.png
Cave of Crystals
This cave would be sufficient for a king.
Building Crystalline Catapult.png
Crystalline Catapult
Building Palace Courtyard.png
Palace Courtyard
A place for lavish celebrations.
Shaman Hut.png
Shaman Hut
The Shaman Hut lets you resurrect Creatures fallen in battle. Not avaliable on Trollworld.
Building Stone Root.png
Stone Root
A giant root of the Tree of Life.
Building Crystal Tower.png
Crystal Tower
Building Resin Vein.png
Resin Vein
The resin conserves the life and the intelligence of the tree.
Building Stone Mantle.png
Stone Mantle