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Button Profile

The Profile contains various information about a player and their Magician. You may access your own profile with the button "Profile" in the palace view.

Profile part 1

  1. look at the next magician
  2. Write a message to this player
  3. This is the guild of this player
  4. That's this player's name
  5. View the previous magician
  6. Profile picture of this magician
  7. nationality of this magician
  8. this magician's level
  9. The League and Rank of this Mage
  10. This player's points
  11. This player's runes
  12. On this date the player has summoned his first dragon egg
  13. This magician's diplomacy and the guild he belongs to
  14. The spirit of this magician
  15. The place for this magician's headgear
  16. The place for this player's weapon
  17. The place for this player's shoes
  18. The place for this player's ring
  19. The place for this player's chain
  20. The place for this player's robes
  21. The place for this player's armor
  22. The ingredients this player has
  23. Date of last visit to Xhodon2

Profile part 2

  1. The awards of this magician
  2. This player has so many friends
  3. The number of fights of this player
  4. So many players have already seen this magician
  5. These players last viewed this magician
  6. This is how many players this magician has in the pedigree, players who come into the pedigree bring mana and runes
  7. This player's hobbies
  8. The real life data of this player
  9. The story of this player
  10. Exchanging pearls. Here players can swap pearls, and get a rune for it.
  11. Here other players can make a guestbook entry.