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Every time the Tree of Life gets three levels up on your main palace you will get a pearl.

You can trade a pearl with another magician in order to get a rune (this will remove 1 pearl from each player). You can only trade a pearl with the same magician once. Pearls serve no other purpose than to be traded in this fashion.

You'll find a detailed overview of your previous trades in your profile.

Trading pearls

Pearls OfferTrade.png
Pearls MadeApplication.png

You can offer a pearl to another magician if you press the "offer trade" button in his profile. If he accepts the trade, each of you will lose one pearl and get a rune.

Hint: You can only have one offer out at a time, so if you offer a pearl to a second magician before the first has accepted, then the trade will be called off with the first magician.

The other player won't get an automatic message from the offer, so you should send him a message if you offer him a trade.

You can find trading partners in the forum in the category Trade or in the Trading/Bartering chat channel of your server.

Manage pearl exchange

Link for pearl-exchange
management screen
Pearl-exchange management screen

You'll find the function manage pearl exchange in your profile.

It shows you:

  • your recent pearl-exchanges
  • pending offers
  • your actual offer to another magician