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What is the difference between light and shadow?

Technically it only makes a few differences which side you choose. The graphical interface in the game is different for both sides. There are also Item sets, which can only be worn by fans of one side or the other. More details can be found in the article Attitude.

What are "ticks" and how long do they last?

A Tick event where players perform actions on Xhodon and Resources are credited. One tick takes place every five minutes (in the Dragon World every 4 minutes, in the Unicorn World every minute), so twelve ticks fall into the duration of one hour (Dragon World 15, Unicorn World 60). A tick represents the smallest time unit of the game. The menu bar shows the time until the next tick.

When can I be attacked?

Before you summon a building at level 10 or exceed 5000 points, you are in Beginner Protection (colloquially "Noob Protection"). This means that your palace cannot be attacked. However, you can still attack other players who are not in the beginner protection. Once you have left the beginner protection, only players with a similar number of points as you may attack you. But be careful: They can defend guards from level 2 against you and thus also defeat the armies of smaller players.

How can I delete my account?

Click on Account Settings in your profile. There in the category Account is a button at the bottom to request the deletion of the account. More in the section Delete Account.

When will my account be deleted automatically?

If no summons has taken place, the account will be automatically deleted after 3 days. Once you have summoned something, it will be deleted after 4 weeks of inactivity. Once you have bought runes, they will be deleted after 6 weeks of inactivity. Within the vacation mode the account will not be deleted automatically.

Xhodon and Xhodus? What is the difference?

Xhodus is a board game of magic, betrayal and power with real-time duels for 2 to 6 players, duration approx. 90 minutes. Xhodon is the transformation of the board game into an online browser game.


How many dragon eggs do I need for another palace?

For the second palace you only need one dragon egg, the number of dragon eggs you need for subsequent palaces is different in the different worlds. (see: Paläste Gründen])


Where is the difference between normal, territorial defence and valley defence?

With the setting Normal Defend the hero creates his own palaces and heroes in the Valley he is currently standing in. On the setting Area Defense the hero defends all his own and allied palaces and heroes in the area where he moves or stands. (So he defends all his own or allied palaces or heroes from x:y:1 to x:y:16 (Trollworld), or to x:y:21 (Zentauren- und Feenwelt) or x:y:7 (Einhorn- und Drachenwelt).). On the setting valley defense the hero defends only the valley he is currently in. (It doesn't matter if you are allied with the owner of the palace in the valley or if there is a Guardian there).

What are the commands Set up war camps and Camp for?

With the command Set up war camp a war camp is set up on the selected coordinates, which other heroes can join with the command Camp. The heroes and their war horde join together to form a large horde.

Can my hero die?

No, only the beings who accompany your hero can die, but the hero himself never dies. Whether he attacked, or was attacked. He himself is not vulnerable, only his units.

What do the attributes attack, defense and life stand for?

The three attributes of a hero increase the combat values of the creatures in his horde of war. More details can be found in the article Hero.

How can I transfer beings to my hero?

If the Hero is on his own Palace, you have to select the hero in the hero screen, then under "Load & Unload" select the desired creatures by slider or by entering numbers, and finally click on the button "Transfer", transfer from the palace courtyard to the War Horde of the hero. To do this, creatures must first be in the palace. If you don't have any creatures, you can animate some in the Xhodotor Cocoon or in the Breeding Station.

Why was my hero teleported away?

If a hero was shot at and had no units with him, he will be teleported.


Can buildings be destroyed?

No, Buildings that you have summoned cannot be damaged or destroyed. They always stand still and lose nothing of their functionality. (In the Dragonworld, a victorious attack by Dragons of the Ancients can downgrade the Tree of Life.

Raw materials

Which raw materials are there and where is which raw material produced?

There are five different raw materials in the world of Xhodon. These are herbal essences, crystal splinters, power stones, gold resin and mana. You can obtain herbal essences in the Herb School, crystal splinters in the Crystal Cave, power stones at the Stone Root and gold resin through the Harz Vein. The Tree of Life produces the raw material Mana for you. In worlds with Shaman Hut, the sixth resource Mushrooms is needed for the Resurrection of beings.

Tree of Life

Why doesn't my tree of life produce mana?

If within the last two days you have changed the gender of your magician or his attitude (only once is this allowed free of charge), the Tree of Life will not produce Mana for some time.

Xhodotoric Cocoon and Breeding Station

What does number stand for?

The number behind number indicates the set of beings which can be animated within twelve ticks. This depends on the available space (i.e. the level of the building).

hero statue

What is the difference between the hero types?

The Heroes types differ only in their initial ability points. These are divided into attack, defense, and life. An exception is the Pegasus. He is a pure "transport hero". This means that he cannot lead or attack any [[creatures] except Dragon's Egg and Unicorn Carriage. However, this does not mean that he cannot participate in combat operations (see Battle Variants).

Why can't I animate a second hero?

To enliven more Heroes, you must upgrade your Hero Statue by five levels each. Only the farthest hero statue is valid. This means that even if you have a Hero Statue with level five on two palaces, you can only have two heroes.

Crazy Eye

What is the Mad Eye?

The Mad Eye] allows you to take a look at the world map of Xhodon and see what's around you. Depending on the expansion level you can see different distances. You can extend this function with the "Magic Eye", which costs 7 runes for 7 days.

Crystalline Catapult

Who can I shoot with the crystalline catapult?

The Crystal Catapult allows you to fire at enemy Heroes who are in the vicinity of your palace. It doesn't matter if the heroes are moving or not. However, you cannot fire at Heroes who are in their own palace.

How much damage does the Crystalline Catapult do?

The damage caused by the Crystalline Catapult depends on how many crystals you use. The more crystals you use, the higher the damage. The further away the target is, the less accurate the catapult will fire.

How far can I shoot with the crystalline catapult?

This also depends on the expansion level. Up to level 8 you can only fire at heroes who are directly in the area where the palace is standing with your catapult. The range then increases at levels 19, 34, 50, 70 (.....) by one more area each. (The values differ a little for different worlds.)


How is the point system structured?

Points are awarded in three categories, namely for
  1. Buildings
  2. Essence
  3. Heroes

Details can be found in the article Power.

According to which system do you get points for buildings?

The Building points depend on the Resources that the Building costs. Each resource you invest will earn you a certain amount of points, with the exception of the Mana.

According to which system do you get points for creatures?

Analogous to the building points, the unit points depend on the raw materials that the unit costs. Every invested resource will bring a certain amount of points, with the exception of the Mana.

According to which system do you get points for heroes?

For every creature killed, both on your own side and on the enemy side, with the exception of Guardian, your hero gains experience points. These vary according to the type of creatures.


What are the effects of the different diplomatic settings?

Only you can see your own diplomacy settings. However, your opponent can also see your attitude towards him. But be careful with the settings. If you have entered someone as your ally, you will not be able to attack them, but they will be able to attack you!


How can I exchange pearls?

If you have pearls to trade, you must go to a profile of the desired trading partner and click on the button "Offer trade". Your exchange partner must confirm this exchange. However, you can only give each magician a pearl once. Through the exchange, both magicians lose a pearl and win one rune each.

What do I need runes for?

With Runes, you can upgrade your Heroes to higher levels, start Guild, or join guilds. You can also use runes in the Magic area to unlock various additional features. In the fairy and warrior world, runes can be used to summon buildings immediately and to reduce the amount of mana needed.

War Camp

Who is in charge of a war camp?

The hero who opens the war camp has full command over the other heroes. When a war camp joins another war camp, the hero only sees the connected hero, but not the heroes in his war camp.

How are experience points and resources divided?

The experience points are distributed according to the percentage of units carried. The resources are filled from "top to bottom" into the unicorn wagons.

How are the hero bonuses calculated?

All beings get the Heroenboni of their hero, the hero they are assigned to. The hero leading the war camp has no influence on the creatures assigned to other heroes.


What are guards?

Guardians are enemies that are spread across the map and, unlike mages, are not controlled by players. They guard some Resources and Ingredients.

What does a guardian's level mean?

The higher the level, the more beings the guardian group consists of. Guardian A additionally carries a artefact and is comparable to guardians of level two.

Is it possible to spy on guards?

Yes! For Guardians the same rules apply regarding Espionage as for Palaces.

Are there experience points for the guards?

No, but there are experience points for the own [[creatures] lost in the fight against Guardians.


What do I need ingredients for?

With the ingredientss you can brew elixirs, which lead to temporary improvements. However, this function does not exist in the troll world.

Account handover

Can accounts be passed on?

In most cases you can transfer an account to another player, but not always. For more information, see here.