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Family Tree

A Magician's Family Tree shows the players that answered to his or his guild's invitation to Xhodon. The magician will gain bonuses, not only as a reward for recruiting but also to encourage them to pass on their knowledge to their apprentices.

You can find your Family Tree in your Profile by clicking the link "Family Tree" (below your awards and the list of recent profile views).

Up to eight magicians may enter your Family Tree. Any additional apprentices recruited are put on a candidate list.

Clicking a magician's portrait in your Family Tree will show details such as their date of recruitment and the bonuses you have received for this apprentice.

Recruiting Apprentices

You can find a recruiting link by clicking "Friends / Invite" in your Profile. If you are a member of a guild, you will also find a guild recruiting link there.

Single Players

If a player signs up through your personal recruitment link, they will automatically be added to your Family Tree or, should it have no slots left, your candidate list.

Guild Members

Signing up through your guild recruitment link will add a new player to the guild's apprentice candidate list, which is only accessible to the guild's Master(s), who may then assign the apprentice to a guild member.


Single Players

Rune bonus
Level Runes
10 2
20 4
30 6
40 8
50 10

The deciding factor for bonuses from an apprentice is the apprentice's Tree of Life's level. Every ten levels of your apprentice's tree, you will receive a bonus, up to tree level 50.

This bonus consists of both runes (see table) and Mana. Every time you get the bonus, on each of your palaces you will be awarded Mana equal to four hours of raw production from the respective tree (bonuses and maluses from e.g. items or meditation are not calculated).

A magician's apprentice conjures their main palace's Tree of Life to level 20. The magician him/herself has their main palace's tree on level 66, which produces 100 Mana each tick, i.e. 4800 Mana in four hours. The magician's second palace's tree is on level 20, which produces 27 Mana each tick, i.e. 2096 Mana in four hours. So in total, the magician gets 4 runes and 6096 Mana - 4800 on the main palace and 2096 on the second one.

Guild Members

If the magician receiving a bonus for one of their apprentices is Master or Servant of a guild, every guild member will also get a bonus: four hours worth of Mana production in each palace, but divided by the total number of guild members.

The magician whose apprentice caused the bonus does not get this guild bonus. Instead, he receives his "personal" bonus as described in the section above.

Let us say, the magician described in the example above is now a member of a guild with ten members and his/her apprentice again conjures their Tree of Life to level 20. As described above, the magician will receive 4 runes and again 6096 Mana total.
A fellow guild member of our magician currently has their main Tree of Life on level 35, producing 50 Mana per tick, i.e. 2400 Mana in four hours. For our magician's apprentice's achievement, this guild member gets a Mana bonus of 2400 Mana / 10 (members) = 240 Mana on their main palace.


Every time your apprentice reaches a ten-level-mark with their Tree of Life, the Mana bonus your guild's other members receive is recorded in a highscore. For apprentices invited through a guild recruitement link this bonus is added to the score of the member whose identification number was recorded in the link, independently of who actually is the apprentice's master.

To look up this highscore, click "Guilds" in the navigation bar, then click "Family Trees" in the guild menu to the left. The column "Bonus for the Guild" shows how much Mana your guild has received through apprentices of each guild member.

Every 15th of a month, the magician with the highest bonus for the guild gets an Award (see there for more details), afterwards the highscore is reset.

Concluding Apprenticeship

As soon as an apprentice has conjured their Tree of Life higher than level 50, you will not receive any more bonuses through them. At this point you may wish to release them from apprenticeship to make room for new apprentices.