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Meditation Button in Palace View

Through meditation' a magician can ascend to a higher level. You can only meditate when you have left the Beginner Protection. To meditate, click on the corresponding button in the Profile. A meditation lasts 14 hours and 24 minutes.

The window "Meditation"


When leveling up, the magician receives ability points, which he can invest in the following abilities:

  • Light Magic / Shadow Magic
  • Magic of the sun / Magic of darkness
  • Magic of Life / Necromancy
  • Magic of Protection / Black Magic

In the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th levels you receive three skill points each, in the remaining levels one skill point each. Higher skill levels allow the magician to wear better Items.

A higher level also increases the mage's Highscore.

Resetting abilities

With the button Reset points you can release the distributed points again to redistribute them. However, this costs the player 40% of the mana production on his main palace for 432 ticks.

When resetting, all Items are automatically deactivated, but not discarded.

abilities-tree for light-mages
Capabilities-Tree for Shadow Mages


During the required 14 hours and 24 minutes, the Tree of Life of the headpalace produces less mana. The table shows the exact mana cost and the required level of the Tree of Life. The column "Level" indicates the level 'after of the meditation.