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Button Items
Random item drop level
Guardian Item Medistrade Ingredients limit Tree level
2 1-3 2
3 3-6 5
4 6-8 7
5 8-11 10
6 11-14 13
7 14-16 15
8 16-19 18
9 19-21 20
10 22-24
11 24-27
12 27-29
13 29-32
14 32-35
15 35-37
16 37-40
17 40-42

You can find items of clothing, rings, shields, or weapons to put on your Mage. You can see your inventory by clicking on "Items"" in the Menu Bar.

The values of most items are random. However, there are also set items (green) and rare set items (blue) that give additional bonuses if you wear several or all parts of a set at the same time. While the simple items (wise items) need different prerequisites, you only need the respective meditation level for the set items. At the moment there are 8 meditation levels for setitems that only drop at certain guardian levels and are currently only known up to meditation level 20. With the reached meditation level you can create the items without further requirements. Furthermore the stock of ingredients for elixirs changes with each level. At 1 o'clock server time you will get a blessing containing ingredients and runes and at 4 o'clock server time all ingredients above the limit will be removed. See table

Each item has a level between 1 - 21 (In the fairy, cent and trollworld to 42), which affects the quality of its values.


There are separate sets and League-Setitems for Light and Shadow. A special set type are the league set items, these items are always distributed to the places 1-3 of the leagues winners, and are identical in values for both opinions. Furthermore there are also set items for the places 4 to the last player of each league or also simple items depending on the placement none goes empty-handed.

Lists of the known sets and their properties can be found here:


Item effects=

Item effects are the bonuses you receive when you create and activate an item. A detailed table for all worlds with explanations can be found here.

Item attributes=

Item attributes are the nicknames of items that do not belong to the Setitems], for example "~ the Herbs". A table that lists all item attributes with explanations, gibt´s here.




Any group of Guardianss with a level of 2 or higher except level A Guardians will leave an item with a low probability. The stronger the Guardians are, the better the items can be.

Note: Before each battle, you should make sure to leave at least one contiguous 3x3 square in your inventory for the largest possible item, a vest. If you find an item for which there is not enough space in your inventory, it will be destroyed immediately.

Premiums =

If the Leagues are reorganized, the Magicians receive a Set-Item as bonus for the first three places of each league. These set items can only be obtained by the first three places in the league or later in the bazaar.

Creating items

To create an item, the respective prerequisites must be fulfilled, which are named in the description of the item. Usually it is a prerequisite that the magician has learned a certain Fähigkeit on a certain level. Therefore it can be useful not to distribute your ability points immediately after meditation, but to wait and see which requirements the items you find have.

An item has to be activated after it is created in order for its bonuses to start working. To activate items, Runen or an hourly production of the mana must be paid by the main palace.

Destroy items

To destroy an item you have to drag it into the whirlpool at the bottom left of the item menu. The item will be lost irretrievably.