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Each person within xhodon is placed with a league, which is part of the scoring system, also called a Mightlist in Xhodon, which is governed by specific rules. Unlike other games, the players are not managed in continuous list, but are separated into many small lists, called leagues.


Table: League size
League Players
1 - 10 10
11 - 20 20
21 - 30 30
31 - 40 40
41 - 50 50
51 - ... 60

On the first and fifteenth of every month, prizes (items) are given for the top three players of each league and an award (see below) is given to the top person of each league. Additionally the leagues are reshuffled according to the overall ranking of players. The higher the league, the less players are included. The table shows how many players are distributed to which leagues.

The specific time line for these events are as follows:

17:03 Server Time:

  • A snapshot is taken of each players points and place in their current league.
  • League prizes and awards are given out based on league place.

17:33 Server Time:

  • Leagues are reshuffled based on the points of the players in the snapshot created at 17:03.
  • Artifacts are removed from all players and put back onto the map.

Accounts created shortly after one another are very likely to be put into the same league (for the first month).


Table: Item depending on Meditation level
Magician level Item level Set
0-3 1 Set of the Rising Sun
4-6 2 Set of Secret Gold
7-9 3 Set of Rushing Blood
10-12 4 Set of Wild Plants
13-15 5 Set of Long Evenings
16-18 6 Set of Holy Gems
19-21 7 Set of the Wide Sky
22-24 8 Set of the Ancient Dragons
25-27 9 Set of the Glowing Devotee
28-30 10 Set of the Great Mirth
31-33 11 Set of the Eternal Yearning
34-36 12 Set of Frenzy
37-39 13 Set of Angels
40-42 14 Set of Felúndin

The winner of each league gets an award called "Wand" for his profile. The first three players of each league also get an item depending on their magician's level (see table).

All in all there are 7 item sets of different strength. The level of the set item given to a magician depends on the magician's level when the leagues are divided new.

Important: The items have the same stats for both alignments, but the items of one alignment can not be used by a magician of the other.

The number of wand awards a player or all players in a guild have won can be seen in the menu Might, submenu "Wands", link "Ascending Magicians" and "Ascending Guilds" in the navigation to the left.

Additionally, there is an award for the guild which was able to keep an artefact the longest (displayed in the Might menu, link "Bunker Guilds"). Every player in this guild gets the award.