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The Hall is a text messaging system (chat).

In the hall you find many players who can answer questions and help you with problems, or who just meet and have a chat.

Accessing the Hall

...from the game

Link HallChat in the Menu Bar

By clicking the link "HallChat" in the menu bar you open a new frame at the bottom of the screen. By default the chat frame opens automatically after login. In your profile at menu item "Account Settings" you can disable the automatic connection establishment.

  • The hall's frame dimensions can be changed by grabbing the upper frame border with the mouse cursor and dragging it into the new position.
  • If you press and hold Ctrl while clicking the link "HallChat", the chat will open in a new browser window.


The hall consists of many seperate "rooms" called "channels". Some of them are open to the public, others are private as for example some guild channels.

The most important public channels are introduced below:

  • #hall → Most players meet here, this channel is entered by default when connecting to the chat from within the game. The Hall Guards moderate this channel. They maintain order and enforce the Hall Rules.
  • "#Trading/Bartering-Troll" → Here you can trade resources or find trading partners for exchanging pearls.
  • "#Newbie/Questions" → In this channel you can ask questions concerning all aspects of the game. Here you will find Hall Guards and other experienced players who can serve with answers.
  • "#To_the_Tavern" Role playing is requested in this channel. For more detailed information about the channel and its rules, see the article Tavern (Chat).

Besides there are guild channels, named after the respective guilds. Here the guild members meet. The channel can be protected, e.g. by setting a password.

You will automatically join to all these channels including your guild channel (if you are member of a guild) the second you enter the Hall Chat via the link in the game.