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There are three Artefacts in every league which can only be seized by players of this particular league.

Suléan Crystal: Artefact enhancing herb essences and crystal splinters production
Hoún Tear: Artefact enhancing power stones and gold resin production
Naéla Stone: Artefact enhancing mana production
Drákon Splinter: Artefact enhancing attack and defense

Defence and Seizure

The artefacts are redistributed with the reevalutation of the league table on the 1st of each month at 5.30 p.m. They appear, guarded by a sentinel A, somewhere at random on the map. In case this sentinel is defeated by a player who is not part of the respective league, the artefact cannot be seized but is transferred to another sentinel A.

An artefact is not transported by a hero. It will be transferred to the main palace immediately after seizure.

As usual, the holder of the artefact may be defended by everyone. All artefact holders can be attacked according to the normal class system rules. The artefact can also be lost when a war camp with stronger players attacks. It will then be seized by the player of the same league.

One magician can only hold one artefact at a time. This artefact will always lie at the main palace.

On the first of each month at 5.30 p.m., every magician of the guild which held an artefact for the longest continuous period of time (the one ranked 1st under might, "Bunker Guilds") gets an award from the Felúndin (Myth).

A player under newbie protection cannot seize an artefact.

Once an artefact was seized, no other artefact can be seized - it is not possible to swap one for the other. Should a player defeat a sentinel A holding an artefact despite already holding one himself, the new artefact is not seized but reappears in custody of a new sentinel.


The current whereabouts of the artefacts of your league can be seen with the Mad Eye. You can see them regardless of the field of view. Artefacts of other leagues are not displayed.

If you click on guild Overview, you can see which members of your Guild hold artefacts.

Once you've seized an artefact, it appears next to the secret cavern (bottom right corner of your palace image).

The list "Artefact" section in the Might menu shows guilds holding artefacts, how many they are holding and which guild has held an artefact for the longest.

Every time a guild seizes an artefact from another guild, the Felúndin box displays a Message in the diplomacy section.


Artefacts have several positive effects, for example, a percentage increase of resource production for the holder and, in a weaker manner, the members of his guild. This percental increase depends on the position of the league: The lower the league in the overall ranking, the greater the percental increase.

For the first 10 leagues, the Naéla Stone gives a 5% increase in Mana production.
For league 11, the increase is 5.5%.
For league 12, the increase is 6 %.
The increase rises by 0.5% for every league until league 60 - here, the increase has reached its maximum value of 30%.
From league 60 onwards, the percentage increase stays constant at 30 %.

During the first five days a player is holding an artefact, an extra increase of 1% day is added each day. This is limited to 5% extra increase, so the absolute maximum increase an artefact may give is 35% in leagues below league 60.

The actual value of the increase per tick is displayed in brackets at the respective resource production.

If, for example, an artefact leads to 30% increase for the holder, all other guild members (thus all except the holder) benefit from an extra 30% increase divided by the number of members. Thus, a guild of 2 members sees the holder benefiting from a 30% increase and the second member from 30% divided by 2 = 15% increase. For 3 members, the non-holders get a third of 30% = 10% increase, 4 member guilds 7.5 % and so on.

Drákon Splinter

This is not a guild bonus! This bonus is only applied to the player who holds it increase attack, defense and life.The higher the league, the lower the bonus. The longer the splitter is held, the higher the bonus. From 60 league such as: the bonus, kept at 10 days, about 40% life, 45% attack and defense 60%


Naéla, Suléan and Hoún, the three hallowed artefacts of the keepers, were once gifts to a young nation, entirely unknown until then: the Felúndin. The Keepers, hoping for a wise nation, on a par to them, one day equal to them and willing to become what they were, held their protective hands over them.

The Felúndin, however, were no match for this challenge. Driven by a hunger for power and led astray by intrigues, they launched a war against the dragons to finally admonish them from Xhodon. The battle against the dragons saw the real enemy descend on them into a war that would erase the world known to them.

Auio, a mighty magician of the Felúndin, determined to obviate the downfall of his world, tried to save the Felúndin by exiling them to an intermediate world.

Yet when the last pure Felúndin left the earthen world, the artefacts disploded into a thousand shards to tell of the grief of the keepers. Picked by the sentinels of the vales, the shards quickly spread and await being found by eager adventurers to increase their riches.

To this day, the Felúndin rest, awaiting a time when a new nation will connect with their history, ready to continue their saga.

Naéla Stone

Naéla Stone - Mana

Once, all of them were one, a stone created by the Keepers and infused with their ancient magic, their Mana, mirroring it all in cerulean blue on its surface.

Yet when the magic of the Keepers left the world of Xhodon with the Felúndin, the Naéla Stone was left as well and burst into a thousand shards.

But a speck of hope outwore the time, nourished by a young nation, the heirs of the Felúndin - mankind. This speck fired the shards of the Naéla Stone and enlightened them once again with Mana. Here's to the human adventurers who try their luck with the Sentinels of the vales who took the shards and guard them to this moment.

Suléan Crystal

Suléan Crystal - Essences & Crystals

In its green, the Suléan Crystal mirrors the hope the Keepers had in the Felúndin. A hope of having created a nation to attend to the world of Xhodon, reigning over it in peace and harmony, reflecting their love for nature.

Mischief was made between the Felúndin and the dragons, swallowing the hopes of the Keepers like a parasite, eventually leading to the breaking of the crystal. Still, the shards, protected by the Sentinels of the dales, hold enough energy to bring a whole forest into bloom.

Hoún Tear

Hoún Tear - Power Stones & Gold Resin

The Keepers are connected to their surroundings, especially the worlds where they linger. The Hoún Tear is a stone of the native world of the Keepers. To preserve it for ensuing ages and maintain it for all eternity, the keepers coated the stone with the finest Gold Resin.

When the Felúndin left the earthen world behind, the Hoúndroplet burst as well. The shard of the stone, encased with as droplet of golden resin, quickly captured the attention of the travelling Sentinels.

Drákon Splinter

Drákon Splinter - Attack and Defense