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Button "Bazaar" in the Menu Bar


The Bazaar is an auction exchange where the players can trade Items and Dragon Eggs with each other. Click on "Bazaar" in the Menu Bar to access it. The Bazaar is available to you as soon as you have built your second palace and have left Newbie Protection.

Bazaar Categories

Auction Overview
The Auction Overview shows you all ongoing auctions. Use the buttons on the side bar to access the search forms and switch between Item or Dragon Egg auctions. The search forms will help you filter available auctions and pipoint the item(s) you are looking for.
Watch List
You will see all the auctions you chose to watch or bid for at least once in the watch list. In the lower section you can see your own auctions.
Start an Auction
Under Start an Auction you are able to offer your own items and dragon eggs for sale.

Auction Bid

Items Bid for Items

To bid on items, click the auction in the Auction Overview field. You will find more information about your chosen auction in the detail view window. Enter your maximum bid and click "Bid".

You can only bid with the resource asked for in the auction and you are restricted to the amount of resources available throughout your palaces. Resources carried by heroes do not count.

The auction process is carried out step-by-step. The number in brackets next to the current highest bid shows the amount or resources per step. When you enter your bid, the current highest bidder's and your bid will take turns raising the total bid by one step each until one of them reaches its limit. The first bid on an auction is always the starting price set by the item's owner.

If you entered a maximum bid that can't be divided by the amount per step, your maximum bid is automatically reduced to the next lower number dividable.

You may also enter a bid lower than the current highest bid. In case the auction ends and the player who made the winning bid no longer has the resources he offered, the next lower bid wins, which might be yours.

There is a charge for your bid you will have to pay after winning an auction. When making a bid, you will be asked to decide how you want to pay: with one rune or one hour (12 ticks) worth of Mana production from your main palace's Tree of Life. The bid payment prompt will appear every time you bid on an item but you will have to pay the charge only once (if you win).


You can only wear items of your alignment, so look out for tempting auctions selling items of the other alignment, as it is possible to buy them.


[As of April 29th 2011]: Bought items may not be sold for 7 days except you have bought/found an item that grants a higher increase of any relevant effect.

Dragon Eggs Bid for Dragon Eggs

Bidding for Dragon Eggs works the same as bidding for items, but alignment makes no difference here. However, there is a limit to how many Dragon Eggs you may buy each month.

Every five conjuration levels of the main palace's Tree of Life will allow you to buy one more egg each month. A player with a tree level 63, for example, will be able to buy a maximum of 12 eggs. The number of bought Dragon Eggs is reset when the leagues are reset at the 1st of each month.


Each month your limit is calculated when you win your first Dragon Egg auction. If you win an auction with more Dragon Eggs than your limit allows you to buy, excess eggs are destroyed!


[As of April 29th 2011]: You are no longer allowed to bid on your guild mates eggs!

Auction closing

Once an auction runs out, the winner is determined.

The winning bid's amount of resources will be subtracted from the player's palaces who made the bid. If this player does not have enough resources to pay the bid, the next highest bid wins.
Items are automatically added to the winner's inventory. If there is not enough space there, the item will stay reserved for you to fetch when you have enough space.
Dragon Eggs stay in the Bazaar until the winner collects them, at which point they will appear in that player's main palace's Palace Courtyard. The winner will also receive the eggs' points.
If the auction's vendor is online when it runs out, he may get his resources by going to his watch list and clicking "(?)". The resources will be added automatically to that player's main palace if he is not online.

Post-auction time limit: If the auction winnings are not collected in one week, then the listing will be deleted and the player will lose any items or resources not collected.

Opening an own auction

Items Opening an item auction
Click "Items" in the side bar, then click "(?)". Drag&drop the item you want to offer into the item slot to the right, choose which resource the bidders will have to pay and enter a starting price (min. 1). The item's level determines the maximum starting price, the starting price itself determines the amount of resources per bidding step: each step is one tenth of the starting price.
Dragon Eggs Opening a Dragon Egg auction
Click "Dragon Eggs" in the side bar, then click "(?)". Enter the number of Dragon Eggs you want to offer (of course, you can not offer more than you have available in all palaces - eggs in Secret Caverns are not counted!), choose the resource type, enter a starting price and click "(?)". The Dragon Eggs will be removed from your palaces immediately along with the points you scored for them.
Auction fee
For opening an auction, there are two different fees: First, 10% of the starting price are subtracted from your main palace. Second, you will have to pay Magic Rune.png one rune or 4 ticks worth of Resources Mana.png mana produced by your main palace's Tree of Life.