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Awards will not give you any advantages over other players. They are merely emblems which prove your fame and honour. Your impressive skills shall strike fear into enemies and earn admiration from your friends.


A Magician will earn a wand, if he wins a League, which means being 1st when the leagues are reshuffled on the 1st of each month at 17.30. If a Magician wins another League, he will earn another wand, without the old one getting replaced.

The following wands can be earned by winning as many times as stated:

Once Once (Staff of Honor)

The Felúndin sing a song to the honour of this Magician. Wherever he appears he radiates an aura of infinite power. His soul is immortal and filled with the Magic of the Tree. Only someone owning this wand speaks the ancient language of the dragons and hears their calling.

Twice Twice (Staff of Mana)

The calling was heard. Your heart is overwhelmed. In these precious moments the wand transfers the power of the Felúndin. Only the owner of this power can connect to the realm between the worlds and hear their chant. Praise to this extraordinary Magician.

Three times Three times (Staff of Stars)

Starlight is the witness. The Magician's robe gleams and twinkles when he moves. He is deeply connected to the wisdom and the heart of the stars. Only the keeper of the wand can feel the power of the realms between the worlds and play with them. He is no longer just what he seems, but what he wants to be!

Four times Four times (Staff of Confusion)

The great and the unique speak through the confusion. This wand holds a mirror of authenticity up to the others. The Magician can hide behind this and work true magic. Everybody feels yearning and envy when shown this bewildering wand.

Five times Five times (Spheric Staff)

As if all planets were moving around this Magician. He is the centre. He is the middle. The ball wand in his possession empowers him to delve into thoughts and emotions of other beings and control them. He pulls the strings and the whole of Xhodon surrenders to his power.

Six times Six times (Scorched Staff)

By sheer force of determination, this Magician has bent the elemental forces to his bidding. Fires of creation, waters of life, secrets of the wind and stubbornness of earth are child's play: the building blocks of the universe. As this Magician walks the world, the elements shift and change as per his will and whim.

Seven times Seven times (Staff of Dragons)

The Felundin have presented the Magician with the dragons' wand. Through this wand he can get in touch with his ancient deceased dragon friend. All the dragons of the world bow their heads to this Magician. At the sound of a certain melody the dragons' might and wisdom will resonate in their new master. The one in possession of this wand is the only one master the charm of the magical melody and the wisdom of using it.

Eight times Eight times (Staff of Erring)

The erring is over. All erring thoughts are eliminated by the erring staff. This Magician moves through all the worlds with determination and fantasy. Whatever he imagines comes true. Any thought can manifest. Any wish will be fulfilled, instantly and unconditionally. There are indeed only a few who have this power as there is only a few who are wise enough to fill it with the right contents.

Nine times Nine times (Universe Staff)

The pinnacle of power, shaped into a slender stave wielding terrible powers beyond even divine imaginings. Even touching it for the briefest of moments utterly changes the source forever, and even then rendering them insane or worse unless the True Magician grasps it with total concentration. He has no equal. Even then seconds will seem an eternity, as time slows to a crawl to create or wreak anything that the totality of a universe can accomplish.


Every 1st of each month, every Magician of the guild that was able to keep an artefact in their possession the longest (rank 1 in the "Bunkerguild" list in your Might menu) gets this mythical award.

(Naela Artefact) Naéla Stone

Coherence, one for all and all for one. This magician has accomplished what only few will ever be capable of. His devotion to his guild made it a superpower. His very heart bled and his blood was multiplied a thousand times. Master and apprentice were joined in such a way as to create a spring of Mana. His guild deserves to be honored.

(Sulean Artefact) Suléan Crystal

The deepest archaic essence of what holds life together has been affiliated this Magician's power. His guild vibrates with vitality. Their bond enhances the being of each individual. A Magician whose energy can be felt from afat - while his guild stands behind him like a wall of Mountain Trolls.

(Houn Artefact) Hoún Tear

Gold Resin flows through this Magician and his guild. He has created something whole and given a name to the chaos. All other guilds tremble in awe seeing his might. The feats of this Magician and his guild will never be forgotten - they are eternalized in the hearts of the Felúndin forever.

Drákon splinter Drákon - fighting strength

This magician has blood on his hands. With zeal and ambition he throws himself into every battle. Together with his guild, he managed to control the Drákon splinter. Woe betide anyone who questions the power of this guild.

World Awards

A magician receives a staff if he is a winner in a League. If a magician wins again in a league, he gets the next staff in addition, so that he doesn't have to exchange already won staffs for the new one.

These awards are given at the end of the world as a winning guild or alliance guild:

Crystal Mage of the Pegasus World March 2019 Crystal Mage of the Pegasus World March 2019

The first Pegasus world is over, the first superspeed world in Xhodon 2 was won by this magician with skill and great power. He led his crystal guild '[HI] Horde Immortal' into crystal combat and finally into victory. The Felúndin bow their heads to 'Starbuck420', the shining crystal magician of the Pegasus world 2019.

Allies of the Winning Guild of the Pegasus World March 2019 Ally of the Victorious Guild of the Pegasus World March 2019

In such a fast and fast-paced world, the allies in particular must always be on their guard to protect their crystal magician and the crystal guild. This task was excellently mastered. So this magician now stands side by side with the Crystal Mage and the Crystal Guild. Glory and honor to the allies of the Victorious Guild of the Pegasus World March 2019.

Warrior of the Crystal of the First Griffin World Warrior of the Crystal of the First Griffin World

The first victory has been won, the first of many? This magician was part of the large and powerful Crystal Guild. Led by the crystal magician, they fought numerous battles, defeated several dragons, and defeated most crystal guards. So they are now deservedly at the peak of power, close and familiar with the Felúndin. They will never be forgotten, for they are the warriors of the Crystal of the First Griffin World.

Allies of the Winning Guild of the First Greifenwelt Ally of the Victorious Guild of the First Griffin World.

It is well known that all beginnings are difficult, but it is much easier if you have faithful allies at your side. This magician was a member of one of the three brave and devoted alliance guilds. The Crystal Mage and the Crystal Guild are deeply in his debt, as only the Alliance Guilds were able to provide them with the necessary support. The Felúndin honor the allies of the victorious guild of the First Griffin World with this award.