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A war camp is an effective tactic in battle. In a war camp several heroes and their hordes unite and can be controlled like a single hero. This way you can defeat stronger opponents as you could defeat alone. The leader takes the control over the whole war camp.

Important: If a war camp defends, on average only 25% of the ususal amount of creatures are revived.


The war camp has to be set up by the player, who is meant to be the leader. After the set up other heroes may join in. In principle any hero can join. But this does only work until the war camp starts to move for the first time. To accommodate additional heroes at a later stage, the war camp has to be reopened.

Set up a new war camp

The leader chooses a valley in which the hordes will gather. He sends his own hero and his horde with the command Set up war camp to the chosen coordinates.

Nevertheless you should keep in mind, that you can not set up a war camp in a valley in which another war camp is already resided.

Join an existing war camp

In order to join a warcamp, one must input the coordinates of the warcamp he wishes to join, and select the command "Encamp". Toggle the chosen warcamp, and send your hero on its way. If you give a return command, the hero will leave the warcamp immediately after joining. If the Warcamp moves before your hero arrives, your hero will remain stationary at the Coordinates of the Warcamp.