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About Me

Kizeren bullet.png Age: 32
Kizeren bullet.png Status: Married 5 years and counting
Kizeren bullet.png Kids: 4 and stopped counting
Kizeren bullet.png Pets: Lot of fish!

Changes to be made for new DwarfWorld.

All creatures, buildings, sentinels and alike should be in this format.

For Troll World link should be in format below.

[[Trollworld Goblins|Goblins]]
[[Tree of Life]]
[[Trollworld Tree of Life|Tree of Life]]

For Dwarf World

[[Dwarfworld Goblnis|Goblins]]
[[Dwarfworld Tree of Life|Tree of Life]]

Things such as links to palace's resources mana shall remain as is.

Please see: Template:Infobox_Creature for the creature template and how to use it. Also see: Template:Infobox Building for the template used on buildings.

Items currently being worked on by myself or others

Thinks that need done for Dwarf World.

This will give you all the items being converted for the Dwarf World.


I would urge anyone who is doing wiki to create a sandbox that can be used for testing. Comes in handy. It allows you to create entries and screw them up in anyway shape or form with out messing up the wiki.