Fairyworld Sentinels 9

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Attacking Sentinels

Icon Sentinel Level9.png

Attacking sentinels will not earn your hero experience for killed sentinel creatures. Only your own casualties will give some experience.

To slay sentinels of level 9, a minimum of 30-40 million Goblins (or creatures of equivalent strength) is required. To keep casualties as low as possible, attack with 60 million or more.

Scenario AP Needed
Kill All Horde 1,200,000,000
One Round 840,000,000
Two Rounds 420,000,000
Three Rounds 280,000,000
Four Rounds 210,000,000

You will need up to 1'500'000 Unicorn Carts to carry the loot.

Defending Sentinels

To defend a sentinel, move a hero to its valley and set his defense status to "Valley defense". Setting the defense status to "Area defense" will not defend sentinels as they do not count as allied units.

Example Sentinel

Other Sentinels level 9 may be stronger or weaker. Accordingly, they leave more of less loot for you.

Name Count
Life Force
Sentinel Death Angels 1412612 84,756,720 84,756,720 565,044,800
Sentinel Golden Sphinxes 238312 19,064,960 19,064,960 150,136,560
Sentinel Fire Sting Dragons 39445 3,944,500 3,944,500 27,611,500
Sentinel Ice Eye Dragons 330349 49,552,350 49,552,350 303,921,080
Sentinel Snake Neck Dragons 82834 16,566,800 16,566,800 99,400,800
Total 173,885,330 173,885,330 1,146,114,740