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Everyone if you have not yet met Anthea, she is an Archangel here on our servers for UK. Please be sure to give her a warm greeting. Contest information So the Winner of the Badge contest is: Taios

Congratulations, Taios will receive the 1st place prize of runes and the badge can be used in the future for prizes, 50 runes and the winning badge in the Art category.

This month’s event is a story writing contest. We are looking for the best seasonal stories of your own work to be submitted.

1. Must be original (your own work)
2. Winners will be chosen by the Xhodon team members.
3. Xhodon team members may not enter.
4. Only 1 submission per player.
5. From 18th of October to the 15th of November 05:55 am (Servertime)
6. Open to both Dwarf and Troll Worlds.
1. First place winner will receive 50 runes and a badge.
2. Second place winner will receive 30 runes.
3. Third place winner will receive 15 runes.
All winners will be showcased on the newsletter, all stories will be available to read on the Xhodon forums.

Wizard_of_Oz & the Oompa Loompa Empire

By Luna-Heart-Stone

Chapter 3

As a great flash of light and the shattering sound of glass, and other windows in the great ice palace rattled in their ancient frames as another rocket came gliding along to its target. High above the green and orange ships could not see if there was any enemy’s among them for they believed flight was there's and there's alone.

Queen Immortelle marched across her palace courtyard to a small square building undamaged and unnoticed by the ships above. She pushed open the door to the hanger with a hiss and a whizzing bang as another rocket flew by striking a near building lighting it up in flames, like a beacon to the enemy, there ships could see the palace and its surrounding buildings much more clearly. Immortelle could feel the heat of the flames as it singed the hem of her robe and felt as if the flames where licking at her face trying to devour the great ice queen, with a casual movement the robe fell to the floor and for the first time in a long time her great battle blades sheathed in there scabbard hung by her leg shinning like they are eager for a new battle, she stepped forward into the hanger and onto a small vessel called the Spirit of the high ice.

With and almighty roar the vessel came to life with her commanders at the battleships bridge ready for her first battle the hanger roof opens like a blooming lily and the Spirit of the high ice took to the sky to sneak upon its pray and shoot it down from the sky.

“Excellent ship commanders bring us to full speed let us find the Dorothy and blow that unworthy piece of an airship from the sky” spoke Immortelle.

“ Yes Ma’am!” spoke the commanders

With quick movements the flight deck lights up in full bloom like the glare of an almighty Christmas tree as the ship rises and rises going further into the frozen sky for maybe this ships only battle and maybe the end of the great North kingdom.

“Turn off the main lights, use the glow sticks to see on the control panels we do not wish to be seen” spoke Immortelle.

“Yes Ma'am!” spoke the commanders

With a small radio the queens ship located the Dorothy, with the aiming scope ready the the ship took aim, with a push of a button and a shudder, of the deck plates with a bright flicker the rocket shot off in pursuit of its target, but will it get there?


By Wizard_of_Oz

Mystryl walked along the golden paths in the high city. She looked to the left out of an aperture to the blue skies where great dragons flew. Her life had been sheltered under the protection of her family of light and she had never known troubles before when she heard the horns of warning sounding over the great city. The City shook, a Sound like DOOOOOM was heard on the lower levels. Warriors ran past her dressed in golden armor the sounds of their armor jingled as they passed her on the walkway.

She heard shouts for warriors all over the city "TO THE GATE!!... PROTECT THE GATE!!". Very concerned she ran to her school where the mages who taught life and sun magic were seen hurriedly packing manuscripts and potions. DOOOOM...the city shook and she grabbed her teacher to stay standing. Mystryl asked "What is going on? Why are the horns sounding?" The teacher with fear in his voice told her "get to the dragon caves! We must leave! Starbuck420 has found us here. The warriors are on move to defend the city".

Mystryl ran to the rampart and looked down to the great gate below and saw a great army outside the gates their brilliant banners flowing in the breeze. DOOOM...the city shook again. From high towers, beams of light and lightning shot into the massing shadow and seemed to do some damage. Yet not enough darkness pulled at her eyes so that she could almost see nothing in mid-day and shot back at the towers obliterating one tower and damaging a few others. She felt a great anger within her at the shadow attacking her and her own. Below her she could see the Dreadlords more closely now and saw them pointing at her. Frozen she watched a great ball of shadow energy forming and it suddenly shot up to her as she was pulled down to the ground and where she had stood was now singed and seared and broken. Looking up she saw the smiling face of her 1/2 brother Mjööllnir.

He said to her "Glad to be of service wee one. Now go to the dragon caves and escape. It seems your powers picked a bad day to manifest and those below can see you now with your great glow shining."

"Glow?" Mystryl asked.

Mjööllnir said "Look at your skin". Mystryl looked down and saw her hands all aglow with white fire.

"Now I can fight" She said.

"Not yet little sister your brothers and I will defend this day, now scoot and get to the caves so you can escape. When you are ready you will be allowed." Mjööllnir gave her a push in the direction of the caves and put on his Fire helm.

Mystryl stumbled from the push and straightened up looking at her brother, fire glowing from her eyes she said "If you will not let me fight fine but this is the last time I shall stand on the sidelines."

With that she ran to the caves and the awaiting great golden dragons. The ceiling from the caves was cracking with the great hits the city was taking from the Dreadlords. DOOOOM..... the ceiling cracked some more....she grabbed the stirrup and swung onto her dragon and with a quick kick to the great beast's sides she flew aloft into the sky. Looking down she saw great flashes of light and shadow raging across the city. Directing the dragon she headed East.

Death’s Vacation

By Trinity

In a little hamlet on the other side of Xhodon, the harvest festival was in full swing. There are parties and games of all kinds. People bring food and drink of many flavors for others to taste and buy. This is an area of neutrality and no fighting is allowed here other then the games. All disputes are settled by the Knights games. The Knights games consist of a group of tests created to prove the strength and valor of the opponents. There are games of throwing weapons, games of archery, games of dueling battles and finally games of lance and horse. But above all, magic is not allowed. Great Mages are not allowed to duel with magic. They must choose their champions and heroes or fight in normal combat themselves. Magic is forbidden here. That does not stop the great Mages of Xhodon from coming to the stands of the arena to watch their champions do battle.

A dark shrouded figure was wandering the fair this day and noticed the great mages in attendance. There was Mystryl and Starbuck420 sitting in the stands watching as Kizeren and Luna-Heart-Stone battled over a boundary dispute with bow and arrow. Xerxes and Wizard_of_Oz were in the training rooms preparing their heroes with their best tactics for a fight over a bar tab. The dark shrouded man wandered through the fair drinking in all the excitement around him. A fair maiden selling legs of lamb and turkey was offering him her wares. He paid her with a gold coin and he took a leg of lamb and ate greedily. As he walked away from her, the young maid was suddenly stricken and fell to the ground dead. The shrouded man quickened his pace and began whistling as he vanished from sight.

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