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Dwarf Tribune 10-4-10

As we enter October the seasons begin to change. School is well in session and thoughts move toward ARTIFACTS!!! Be ever vigilant when you hold yours.

Our Badge contest has come to a close, the Xhodon team will be voting soon and I will announce the winners by Friday. At that time I will also announce Octobers contest, so be ready. I will give you a little idea. The next contest has to do with a special holiday in this month. Watch out for the ghosts and ghouls over the next few weeks.

A Night Raid

By Wizard_of_Oz

The rain dripped from the overhanging pine trees onto Immortelle's short blond hair. She had shorn he golden locks since her departure from the higher plain. It had been raining incessantly since the previous night. The sky raged as if the gods were at war.

Before her the path looked clear towards the great encampment of guardians below. Crouching low she signaled to her elven archers and sent them to surround the guardians below. The Archers gave her a signal when they were set in their positions. The signal to attack was given and suddenly the rainy night was filled with lights of fire arrows. The second signal was given and Immortelle led the army into the mass of reeling guardians. A Giant loomed up in front of her swinging a spiked club.

She swiftly darted under the giant's club and thrust her spear into the giant's weak spot under the arm. Turning swiftly she deflected a hobgoblin's sword and kicked the beast to the ground. Looking down at it she stabbed the hobgoblin through his facemask. She put her boot on the hobgoblins facemask and yanked her spear out and proceeded to where the fighting was fiercest. It was over quickly. Soon no more guardians stood. Handing her spear to an ax dwarf Immortelle walked to the treasure proceeded to inventory the nights take. A mighty magical item was in the treasure chests. Taking what she could carry she directed her troops to take the rest.

Looking across the field she saw that starlight had started to shine. It was time to go. She raised her hand and gave a signal and led her army into the dark shadows of the pine trees. They went into the pine forest as silently as they came.

Wizard_of_Oz & the Oompa Loompa Empire

by Luna-heart-stone

Chapter 2 Far away off in the North the great Queen of the north prepares her army’s for war, for she had already heard from her spy’s of the great Wizard_of_Oz slowly coming north with his armored airships and the powerful rockets. Immortelle Queen of the north prepares for the great siege of the north for her kingdom is powerful and will bow to no man, especially a man that controls small green faced, orange haired oompa loompas.

“I want my airships up into the air tonight, remember they must be as white as the snow that falls from the sky so he does not see them and maybe a last resort to save my people from him.” spoke Immortelle in her icy whisper.

While the great northern kingdom prepares for its oncoming battle, the mysterious assassin slowly go further north, not to reach the northern kingdom, just to pass it to their mysterious lair in the great mountain of Zhan Xing, where the assassin keep their private airship called the Æyana, a small two man craft designed only for stealth and speed.

While down south of the planet Wizard_of_Oz sets himself up on the land he conquered and here he creates the Empire of Oz where he will make his slaves build him the greatest empire in all of Xhodon, here the oompa loompa slaves build their orange and green airships, small battle cruisers and large landing party ships, for he wishes to catch a great prize the great northern empire, where he hopes his old friend Immortelle will put up a great fight for her kingdom she has always been well know for the great sieges her city has been put through, by many over kingdoms that have tried to conquer the north, and yet they failed and crumbled as their leaders were always killed in battle.

Fifteen days later and the Dorothy closes in on the great northern kingdom, Wizard_of_Oz stands on his bridge and watches as the great outer walls of the northern kingdom slide past the window like great white rocks.

“Sir I think I think I have just seen a white vessel slide by the window.” spoke the oompa navigator.

“You must be imagining things oompa, no one else has this technology just me, so do not pay attention to it.” spoke the great Wizard_of_Oz

Far of in the great city of the north, alarms are sounding vessels as they take to the sky and the great gates are sealed as they prepare for siege. “So my old friend you are coming, your ships should not have come north for they are so visible.” spoke Immortelle. Immortelle left her throne room with her great coat trailing behind her, to head to her airships to enjoy a successful battle, or will she....

No Door Closes Unless Another Opens XIV...

by Arthur_PendragonX

The young magnus proceeded blindly as he was lost to his thoughts. Life as he knew it had become more confusing than ever, although quite to the contrary some things had been clarified. There was a part of him, something within that accepted the tale for what it was worth. Humbleness had settled over him and moments into his intervention an unsuspected force jolted him back to reality. Theoruse saw that it had been one of two children at play, tearing down the marketplace not unlike he and the others had earlier that day. He watched the duo as they carried along seemingly without a worry in the world. As they danced about, Theoruse saw that they carelessly bumped into quite a few people, one in particular dressed in rags and tattered cloth.

The young magnus then witnessed as upon impact something fell free. All involved being the children and the worn traveler proceeded as if nothing had transpired. Theoruse saw fit to speed up his pace in the likes of returning that which had been lost. No one seemed to notice the item laying there. As he approached it, he saw that it was in the likeness of a tome. The book itself seemed out of place there upon the ground. As he retrieved the item with haste and set out to find its owner Theoruse looked up in time to see the traveler turning a corner and disappearing down an alleyway. Now the young magnus broke out into a full fledged sprint, hoping to catch up.

He had been down that particular alleyway many times as he favored that route to-and-fro magic school. It was quite a lengthy straightaway, though now and rather incompatible with his sense of logic the alleyway lay empty. After a few short breaths lost to confusion Theoruse recovered. In the background he made out those two children's laughter as it drowned out all the other noises of the day. He looked down at the tome in his hands. Upon a further inspection, he saw that well within his brown eye's field of vision, the book had an appearance of something old and of significant value. Though through his blue eye's reception he saw a book pulsating with magic and filled with the language of a spell weaver. Apx~TZS Representative

Deaths Solitude

By Trinity

As the many palaces and households set about to decorate for the season, many children were at play in the fallen leaves and crisp air. This was a colorful time in the valley. Trees with red and gold leaves dotted the hillside. Fresh clean air whipped through the country side. The harvest celebration was being planned and happiness was all around. It seemed all were happily chatting about the events soon to come, all but one dark lonely house. Liselle sat quietly staring at her needle work that sat on her lap. She once loved this time of year. It was the time when her family was together. Her husband Vasulen was a great hunter in the valley. He would bring his furs and meat out to trade during the harvest festival. Liselle’s family would be prepared for the whole winter. They were not rich, but she felt as if they were kings living in a great palace when they were together.

Now, she spent her nights crying and her days watching the sun move slowly across the sky. Her only daughter was gone. Taken by the evil dark creature in the night, she saw only his hollow eyes. Just remembering that creature brought forth the most frightening of images. She could only think of one dark creature that it could be.

Death watched as the girl he stole slept on a rickety old cot in the damp dark cell he threw her in. Even in such a dark, dank, sad place, she lit up the room with her angelic face. He had not planned to take her, only to hold her thread and then use the hunter. He had watched her gathering berries in the woods. She sang to the birds and spoke to the woodland animals as he watched her dance lightly on the forest floor. To him she seemed a bright star in a bleak and empty sky. Beautiful raven hair that shined and moved lightly on her shoulders gave him chills. Her eyes as gray as the sky during a thunderstorm could hold his attention like nothing before. He felt warmth to be around her, she was so innocent.

He closed his eyes to get rid of the image of her and walked back to his throne of bone. His dark minions whispered news from around the world to him. They told him of battles here and there. They showed him their threads they had gathered in his name. He has come a long way since he realized that his power was fleeting at best. He gathered an army of his own, to help him do his work. He had a large dark palace built for himself and his throne of the bones of the fallen. A large map of the world was painted upon his throne room floor. It was enchanted to show all movement of heroes and their armies.

He sat and watched the sieges and battles that waged before him but his thoughts were upon the hunter. He had sent him to spy upon the Goddess of Nature and to breach the Gods very discussions on the Mountain of Ancient Dreams. It was the one place even Death could not follow. So protected against intruders, he was not sure how the hunter would get in, but he knew the hunter would move mountains to get his child back. The hunter was special and his thread was of a different nature then the others of this world. Death could not cut this thread so he believed this would be the one to find a way in.

It had been days since he captured the girl, his minions told him that the hunter received his message. He had sent his shadowy minions to follow the hunter and they had made it as far as the mountain and then turned back as they were unable to go farther. Death knew he had entered, but what was going on now he could not tell. He knew he must be patient…

He watched the scene of battles before him again and tried to concentrate on them. He snipped threads here and snipped them there. He was careless and did not notice when he took lives early. His mind was on the Mountain of Ancient Dreams. He wanted the information of the secret meeting more than anything else. Anger began to seethe through him as he decided that he was important to this world, he should be at this meeting. How dare the Gods forget to invite him! He let out a bellow that burst the shadowy beings that worked for him! The few that were left cowed and hid from him. Now he would need to create more from the shadows, he had to remember not to let his anger get the better of him.

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