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This week I would like to remind all you aspiring writers that we have a seasonal writing contest going on, with 3 weeks remaining. If you have a story to submit, please post it under Events, Seasonal Writing Contest. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message in game! Good luck to all who enter! This month’s event is a story writing contest. We are looking for the best seasonal stories of your own work to be submitted. Rules 1. Must be original (your own work) 2. Winners will be chosen by the Xhodon team members. 3. Xhodon team members may not enter. 4. Only 1 submission per player. 5. From 18th of October to the 15th of November 05:55 am (Servertime) 6. Open to both Dwarf and Troll Worlds. Prizes 1. First place winner will receive 50 runes and a badge. 2. Second place winner will receive 30 runes. 3. Third place winner will receive 15 runes. All winners will be showcased on the newsletter, all stories will be available to read on the Xhodon forums.

No Door Closes Unless Another Opens XV

by Arthur_PendragonX

The youths made well on their rendezvous. Hybrid being the last to arrive a bit shy of the time margin. They each wore a mask that displayed what was felt within. The young mage carried about a look of disbelief and uncertainty. The royal lass had donned the mask of one stricken by fear, for it could easily be read that a certain terror had found home within her heart. Hybrid kept his head down to hid his tear-stained face, his grief was great and his thoughts lay elsewhere, likely somewhere distant at best. Auberon held a fixed gaze in the direction they would be traveling. He stood tall and wore a look of determination. On that note Theroruse looked within and uncovered his will, his thoughts came to rest upon the tome. Alexandria made a gesture often seen within the ranks of those militant-minded. Though the others lacked the knowledge of what it meant in full, they saw firsthand the warrior had been restored. Hybrid would not shake his burdens so easily, but he lifted his head, adjusted his sights and straighten his lab coat. In doing so the vials sounded off like a chime, giving the others a bit of reassurance.

Magician or Player displays in the realm of Xhodon....

By bloodrose66

Most Xhodon magicians use a variety of behaviors in a purely social context. Displays to establish dominance or territory or even to aid in battle strategies. Though many players are similar in their behavioral repertoires, each player is unique to their affinity. They may differ only slightly, such as a simple scouting, where the number of or intensity may be the only difference. Then again some are vastly different. The open-mouthed vocal type that voices their opinion rudely, which serves as a challenge from one magician to another, this could appear quite different then the sudden non-vocal silent massive army attack, but they serve the same purpose.

Some of these displays are used only within a certain affinity, while others are used between them. Aggressive players will display to establish dominance over just about any player they can intimidate. Often, aggressive behaviors are ritualized displays between players. These behaviors serve to reduce hero contact and the potential for horde loss.

Taking a closer look at how players interact with one another can be fascinating entertainment, as well as give the observer a better understanding of how xhodon magicians communicate, battle, and even chat with one another.

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