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You can find no price tags and menus to compare medical services. 

手形割引 Medical bill anxiety is generally caused by miscommunications together with misunderstanding between patients, professional medical providers, and health insurance companies. This article describes several general strategies that you need to perform immediately after you or a family member are discharged from a healthcare facility. These medical bill strategies can certainly help save you time, profit, and anguish down the road. 手形割引

What's your following move?Magic Rune.png Runes are a resource used to unlock certain bonuses for your account.


There are three ways to get runes:

  • Purchasing them for real money (see "buy runes" in the article Magic)
  • Exchanging Pearls with other magicians - each exchange gives you and the other magician one rune.
  • Certain Quests reward you with runes


You can use runes to:

  • Distribute status points of heroes after their level up
  • Join a guild - you need to own 3 runes to become a servant, 7 runes to found a guild. The runes will not be lost after joining or founding a guild.
  • Activate bonus features in the category magic
  • Activate items
  • Change your alignment
  • Trade resources or ingredients at the Merchant of Magic
  • Teleport resources or creatures between your palaces