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|Title_Right_1=Important Articles
|Title_Right_1=Important Articles
[[Image:Highscore_Star.png]] <big>'''[[Tutorial]]'''</big> <small>(for [[magician]]'s apprentices)</small>
[[Image:Highscore_Star.png]] <big>'''[[Frequently Asked Questions]]'''</big> <small>(Questions & Reasons)</small>
[[Image:Highscore_Star.png]] <big>'''[[FAQ|FAQ]]'''</big> <small>(frequently asked questions)</small>
[[Image:Highscore_Star.png]] <big>'''[[Xhodon-Team|Team of Xhodon]]'''</big>
* [[:Category:Index|Index]] <small>(in alphabetic order, going from [[Account Settings]] to [[Xhodotorian Cocoon]])</small>
|Title_Right_2=The Game
|Title_Right_2=The Game

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Welcome to the wiki of the browser game Xhodon 2!
The aim of this wiki is to provide a free online reference that both newcomers and advanced users can use to deepen their knowledge and have a universal reference book at their disposal. So you can solve one or the other problem immediately without reading or asking in the forum. Every user is welcome here and is welcome to participate in the enlargement of this wiki..
Table of Contents

The following pages provide an introduction to Wiki. For other topics use the search function or the index.

Important Articles

Highscore Star.png Frequently Asked Questions (Questions & Reasons)

The Game