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General questions

What's the difference between light and shadow?

There is no big difference in gameplay between light and shadow. You have a different design and there are also item sets, which can only be used by light or shadow. You find details about that on the page Alignment.

What are ticks and how long are they?

A tick happens every 5 minutes, so there are 12 ticks in an hour. Every tick, the current production of your buildings is added to your resources. In the menu bar is shown, how long it takes to the next tick.

When am I assailable?

You will leave the newbie protection, if you reach 5000 points, or conjure a building on level 10. In that time your palace is unassailable to other players, but you can attack other players, which left the newbie detection.

How can I delete my account?

If you decided to delete your account, you must click in your profile on the button Account settings.

When will my account be deleted automatically?

If you haven't made a single conjuration in 3 days, your account will be deleted. If you conjured your first building, you'll have 3 weeks before your account will be deleted. If you have bought your first runes, it'll take 6 weeks before being deleted.


How many Dragon Eggs do I need for the next palace?

To found your second palace you'll need 1 Dragon Egg. For the third you'll need 10 and for the fourth you'll need 100 Dragon Eggs. For each additional foundation you will need 10 times more Dragon Eggs.


What's the difference between normal, area defence and valley defence?

If you set the defence status of your hero to normal, your hero will only defend your own or allied palaces and heroes in the same valley. With the status area defence, he'll defend all allied palaces and heroes in the same area. In the valley defence status your hero will defend everything, including sentinels and other players, standing in the same valley as him.

What are the commands set up war camp and encamp for?

With the command set up war camp you can set up a war camp on the selected coordinates, which other heroes can join with the command encamp.

Can my hero die?

No, only the creatures that are aside your hero can die, your hero is immortal.

For what are the attributes attack, defence, and life force

The hero's three attributes increase the attack, defence and/or life force of the creatures under his command. More details in the article heroes.

How do I transfer creatures from my palace to my hero?

Your hero must stand on your palace. Now click on Heroes on the top of the page, and select your hero. In the category Load & Unload you can swap your creatures between your palace and your hero with the slider or by typing the numbers.

Conjure buildings

How do I conjure buildings?

Select the page Conjure on the left top of the page. There you can change the time, when the conjuration should be finished. The longer it takes, the less mana it requires. Afterwards click on the building, that you want to conjure.


What are the resources in Xhodon, and how do I get them?

In the world of Xhodon there are 5 different resources. These are Herb Essences, Crystal Splinters, Power Stones, Gold Resin and Mana.
Herb Essences are harvested from the School of Herbs, Crystal Splinters are mined in the Cave of Crystals, Power Stones are collected from the Stone Root, Gold Resin leaks from the Resin Vein and Mana is produced by your Tree of Life.

Tree of Life

Why doesn't my Tree of Life produce Mana?

If you have changed the gender or the alignment of your magician (only the first time is free), your Tree of Life won't produce Mana for 2 days.

Xhodotorian Cocoon and Breeding Pit

Why can't I summon creatures?

Often you can't summon creatures because you haven't got enough resources, or your Xhodotorian Cocoon or Xhodotorian Cocoon is on a too low level, so you haven't got enough space left. Furthermore you have to fulfill all requirements, which are shown on the page [[Wisdom].

I have summoned creatures, but I can't find them.

Creatures you summoned will appear in your Palace Courtyard. If you select your Palace Courtyard, you can see the creatures, that aren't assigned to one of your heroes.