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Dwarfworld Palace Courtyard
Building Palace Courtyard.png
Function: Prerequisite for some types of creatures
Tree of Life: Level 5
School of Herbs: Level 3
Cave of Crystals: Level 3

The Palace Courtyard allows you to summon mightier creatures. It cannot be conjured higher than level 55.


The Palace Courtyard nestles up against the Tree of Life and the Palace. From afar you can already see it glowing with magnificence. It is only now that Magicians from near and far show their respect and regard you with favour. Finally you have created a place where you can hold wild abundant festivals or intimidate your subordinates through public torture.

Conjuring costs

These formulas are only suppositions!

Conjuring costs Herb Essences = 1835 * level2
Conjuring costs Crystal Splinters = 2240 * level2
Conjuring costs Power Stones = 1628 * level2
Conjuring costs Gold Resin = 725 * level2
Conjuring costs Mana = 1090.62 * level

(use common rounding method)

Experienced data:

to Level
Costs Points -
Herb Essences Crystal Splinters Power Stones Gold Resin Mana
5 45'875 56'000 40'700 18'125 5453
10 183'500 224'000 162'800 72'500 10'906
15 412'875 504'000 366'300 163'125 16'359
20 734'000 896'000 651'200 290'000 21'812
25 1'146'875 1'400'000 1'017'500 453'125 27'266