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I propose keeping a log of all telephone calls to help you accurately keep track of dates, people you speak to, and what is talked over. {{newsTabsHeader|This=3}}
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This week I would like to remind all you aspiring writers that we have a seasonal writing contest going on, with 1 week remaining. If you have a story to submit, please post it under Events, Seasonal Writing Contest. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message in game! Good luck to all who enter! Don't forget to attack that Crystal Sentinel on Troll.... He looks juicy! This month’s event is a story writing contest. We are looking for the best seasonal stories of your own work to be submitted. Rules 1. Must be original (your own work) 2. Winners will be chosen by the Xhodon team members. 3. Xhodon team members may not enter. 4. Only 1 submission per player. 5. From 18th of October to the 15th of November 05:55 am (Servertime) 6. Open to both Dwarf and Troll Worlds. Prizes 1. First place winner will receive 50 runes and a badge. 2. Second place winner will receive 30 runes. 3. Third place winner will receive 15 runes. All winners will be showcased on the newsletter, all stories will be available to read on the Xhodon forums.

Troll under the bridge

By bloodrose66

The couple glanced into each other’s eyes as they sat on the bridge eyeing the wonderful scenery. They gathered their things and stood up to leave but the wind caught hold of the woman’s hat. The hat drifted ever so slowly over the railing and sunk to the ground at the bottom of the hill. That was a very expensive hat, the woman said. Don’t worry I'll go and get it, the man said as he jumped over the railing and began running down the hill. Thankfully this bridge has no water under it, it had dried up many years ago. As the man bent down to pick the hat up, a shadow caught his eye slinking in and out of the shadows. The man has never been the cowardly type, so he decided to investigate this strange shadow slinking closer and closer to him. Hello the man called out, as he slowly inched forward. That shadow stopped at the edge of the shadows and seemed to watch the man’s movements carefully. Puzzled the man walked even closer, now he stood within five yards from the underside of the bridge.

The old archway castes a strange darkness he's never seen before. The only light to be seen was the fading sun light jutting through the tunnel. The man questioned himself and turned to walk back to his lover but a sudden breeze knocked the hat from his hand. It landed just on the other side of the shadow the bridge casts. As soon as the hat left his grip he carelessly fumbled to retrieve it. Just when the man bent over to pick up his lost article a voice screeched from the shadows. Why have you crossed my threshold human, the voice asked. My wife's hat has blown under this bridge sir, the man replied. You must answer my question friend if you want to cross under my bridge, the voice whispered. Why must i answer you sir, surely you don't own this bridge, the man shot back. I have lived under this bridge for a long time friend so surely a simple question won't be a bother for a fine gentlemen as yourself, the voice said. The man pondered for a moment. Why not no harm can come from knowledge, the man replied. The shadowed figure moved slowly toward the hat and picked it up. The man could finally see the dark man as he stood in the dim light. He stood as though his back could no longer hold his weight and was covered in a old tattered robe. No light could reach his face since he was covered head to toe in filth. The shadows seemed to dance around the floor as he leaned in close to ask his question. The man stepped back from the figures stench, as if he had a wall in between them.

Aaahh...here is your question, the voice whispers. Four wings I have, which swiftly mount on high, on sturdy pinions, yet I never fly, and though my body often moves around, upon the self-same spot I'm always found, and like a mother, who breaks her infant's bread, I chew for man before he can be fed. What am i? Easy the man said, You are a bird of course. The man walked toward the figure to receive his prize. As soon as the man answered the figure began to twist and grow, stunned by the sight the man just froze and watched in bewilderment. Wrong, the voice whispered. You should have put more thought into your answer, as he grabbed the man’s arm and carried him under the bridge. The man let out a howl of pain as his arm snapped under the pressure of the creatures grip. Whimpering the man rose to his feet and came to realize what had grabbed him, before him stood a ten foot troll who’s figure would dwarf any mans. The troll grinned as he spoke, I haven't had a snack in years friend thanks for playing my game, now your reward. The man’s screams were cut short as the troll devoured his savory morsel, and sank back into to the shadows for seconds, should his lover come to look for him.

No Door Closes Unless Another Opens XVI...

by Arthur_PendragonX

The many of trials and tribulations had brought the youths right outside of a major town in those parts. In their rush to adventure no one had thought of food nor shelter. Though now it was prioritized and amongst that which they sought most. It was then decided that Alexandria and Hybrid would enter the populated community to gather food enough for the band, whilst Theoruse and Auberon would ready a camp. In but short time the expedition had somewhat synchronized the youths, they had seemed to know one another's strengths and weaknesses. With that knowledge intact, they set their best foot forward. Alexandria and Hybrid set off, now well within the town they blended in and focused on the objective at hand. Theoruse and Auberon prepped the grounds for camp as the young magus moved about unknowingly and at the pace of a land slug as the Behemoth performed his task with the air of one that had did this many of times over. However moments into his work he stopped in mid-stride. He then slowly lowered the dry wood he had collected and from his low position Auberon sniffed at the air around him. Something was out of place and Theoruse had picked up on it as well. A small beast with the means of aviation, took flight giving away the sought location and identity of the entity. There cloaked well amongst the brush stood a goblin. He was short, even for a goblin and a bit on the frail side. A wing protruded from his mouth as he crunched the contents therein.

At this sight Auberon set out to dismantle the goblin, but not before Theoruse laid a hand before his bewildered ally. Meanwhile back within the towns place, Alexandria and Hybrid pressed on with very little luck. It was as though they merged well with the mass, the people as a whole knew an outsider without a second glance. The two had started to lose hope. It was moments after giving in to such feelings they came about a rather belligerent and most hostile man. He balled his fists and barked obscenities at the crowd. The two youths looked on and took the threat for what it was worth. Though in truth, not a one seemed to take the man and his charade serious. It was then and there his tempered flared and he set off with malevolent intent. He was headed in an elder's direction. Though a few paces shy of his destination a small hand came out nowhere and halted any further action. The man recovered quickly from his surprised state. With no delay he threw a straight jab that would have gave him an advantage had it connected. However Alexandria dodged the blow with ease, stepped in and delivered an open palm thrust to his sternum. The aggressor doubled over, grasping for the wind that had left his lungs. Alexandria took a step back as Hybrid advanced on the man. From his coat he pulled his hand free and in one fluid motion a fine powder created a miasma that could be seen glittering in the air surrounding the man.

The man yawned deeply and fell to the ground. In the short seconds to follow he let out a snore as loud as any had ever heard. The crowd had stopped altogether to speculate. From there one person's clap became two and so on. The elder that had been in harm's way had disappeared, though at first sight he seemed fragile, crippled and not the type to make exit's based on haste. But it had happened nonetheless. It was as if the old man had somewhat provoked the irate mate-turned-deep sleeper. Whatever the terms may have been, it resulted with them leaving with things highly in their favor. But as they did so, they could not help but ponder the old man. Arthur_PendragonX(tis but Excalibur and i)...

The Hunter faces the Goddess

By Trinity

“Barbarians! All of them! After all we do for them and one dares enter our domain!” A female voiced yelled. “Be kind milady, maybe he has a good reason? We should talk to him to at least find out what he wants, or knows.” Said a calm male voice. “Toran is right, we should find out what he is doing, and also how he made it through the barrier before we get rid of him. He may have a very good reason for following me.” This voice was sweet and musical. “You are to kind hearted Salindra, you would take everyone of these mongrels in and feed them too. This creature was following you through the forest and made it through our barriers! It cannot be trusted.” This was the angry one again. “Isn’t that the whole point then Carliana? If you think he cannot be trusted, we must find out why he is here and how he made it this far, yes? Besides, he is not overly powerful, it seems to me that he is a farmer or hunter of some type. Maybe, just maybe he has braved the mountain because he wishes to ask for assistance.” Said Salindra. “Fine! You speak to it and find out what it wants, then we will kill it!” Carliana said. Salindra was no stranger to Carliana’s harsh and direct actions. She had known the other goddess for centuries. As Salindra was light and nature, Carliana was dark and festering. Just as Toran was the balance between Salindra and Carliana. As were the gods set in their roles. Salindra of nature and land, Carliana of Lava and the below, and finally Toran of the sky and heavans, the 3 Gods ruled and kept balance on this world. Salindra went to see the hunter and question him. At first he said nothing but kept his face to the wall. He was frightened that this would anger the Goddess, but he could not face her. Salindra was the goddess he prayed to for a good hunt or a good harvest. In her presence he felt like a child. He no longer felt like the strong, independent hunter. He was quiet for what seemed like an hour or more. He heard nothing more so assumed that she had left and turned to see. “You are ready to speak with me now, Hunter?” Salindra had not left him yet. Seeing no other option, he told the beautiful goddess his sad tale.

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