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Cave of Crystals
Building Cave of Crystals.png
Producing: Crystal Splinters
School of Herbs: Level 1

Conjuring the Cave of Crystals to higher levels will increase its production of Crystal Splinters per tick.


You have conjured a vibrant Cave of Crystals on a massive cliff. This cave would be worthy of a King. The crystals shine brightly in all colours of the magical plant world of Xhodon. Whenever you feel desire, you can withdraw into the silence and timelessness of the Cave of Crystals. Every time you conjure it and settle deeper into your own being, more Crystal Splinters will grow in the Cave of Crystals. Crystal Splinters sink into the hearts of your war horde and bind them forever with the Tree of Life. In addition, you need Crystal Splinters for the conjuration of many other powerful entities.


The amount in produced Crystal Splinters per level and tick is calculated with formula

Crystal Splinters = 0.83332 * level1.96 + 2.35

(use common rounding method)

Conjuring costs

These formulas are only suppositions!

Building costs Herb Essences = 17.1 * level2
Building costs Crystal Splinters = 18.6 * level2
Building costs Mana = 77.5 * level

(use common rounding method)

Experienced data:

to Level
Costs Points Production
Herb Essences Crystal Splinters Mana
5 428 465 388 22
10 1710 1860 775 78
20 6840 7440 1550 298
40 1153
60 2549